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Online casinos seem little affected by new law

Even with the recent legal developments in the online casinos business, namely the law passed by the U.S. Congress banning online casinos in the United States, the industry does not sit idle. The new law does not deter some online casinos companies to continue developing the business and looking farther ahead into the future and over to new markets. Recent developments in the business and long term future plans are encouraging signs for the online casinos players. Take software and new game developments, for example.

The online casinos software provider, Zone4Play has announced a new game is in the making. The company is taking multiplayer poker, perhaps the most popular game at online casinos, and adopting the multiplayer aspect to another widely popular game – blackjack. They will invest several million dollars in developing online casinos multiplayer blackjack platforms and marketing them, potentially creating the next big thing at online casinos.

Multiplayer poker has been the most successful game at online casinos for the past several years, for several reasons, which will be emulated by the new blackjack game. Besides the advantages of online casinos such as 24/7 availability, enhanced graphics and privacy, to name only a few, the multiplayer versions offer an ever changing number of participants with always new characters who make the competition always fresh, always fun.

OCA News Editor