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Online casino survey to speak loud and clear

The legal atmosphere in the United States and across the online casino industry is grim these days. Recent arrests of top online casino bosses and outstanding warrants against others in the business seem to predict less-than-glorious days to the culture of online gambling. But there is a new initiative out, which could actually bring a boost to the online casino business, even if from a different angle.

The online casino industry watchdog eCOGRA has started a survey that will encompass millions of online gamblers. The online gambling survey, the largest ever to date is being promoted by many players on the online casino scene. With millions of participants expected to complete the survey, while sharing their opinions and concerns over different aspects of the online casino industry, a massive turnout could become a loud political statement.

Think about a survey that covers some field, say online casinos for the sake of the argument, and collects millions of opinions of people who are part of this scene. If at the same time legal initiatives try to ban the online casino sites, which these millions love and care about, a political clash may come out of it all. Although not directly opposing the law or even touching on it, the effects of the survey may reach far beyond mere gambling preferences.

OCA News Editor