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Casino Gambling on the Line, Poker – Chance or Skill?

The ancient question that riddles us all has surfaced once again. I am not referring to inquiry regarding the origins of the chicken, but rather to another dilemma – is poker a game of skill or chance? This question lies in the heart of most legal debates surrounding casino poker. Now, a North Carolina casino operator that had his plan for a casino disapproved on the grounds of poker being a game of chance and therefore illegal to gamble money over it, doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

The question whether or not poker is a game of skill affects the world of casino gambling dearly. If in face poker is regarded as a game of skill -a game where opponents that practice and prefect their ability to play will result in a better performance- then gambling over it is legal, and that means that casino gambling is legal. The North Carolina operator is basing is appeal over that fact that a novice poker player that enters a room of professional players, whether be it an online casino room or a land-based one, will not be able to return victorious, and that chance has nothing to do with it.

If in fact the court will agree with his claim and decide that poker is a game of skill, the decision will make headways through the world of gambling and online casino gambling. The legal repercussions could be beneficial to the state of online casino gambling and land based casino operations in America. Sadly enough, if the poker will be regarded as a game of chance, there will be those who will appeal the decision once more.

OCA News Editor