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Online Casino Gambling No, Horseracing Yes

With many US representatives loosing sleep over online casino gambling and devoting time and energy to ban anti online casino laws, it might seem a bit hypocrite to favor one form of online gambling on top of another – Governor George Pataki signed two new state laws that allow cell phone and internet wagers on horseracing to take place. While other parties in the United States Congress are promoting anti online casino legislation, horseracing gets a free pass and internet wagers at online gambling sites -which are in fact online casino sites- are allowed as long is horseracing is involved.

The reason for the new pro online gambling law is to “…help capture millions of dollars in horse racing bets that now go to other states or private online wagering operations.” United States officials realize the enormous economic potential that online casino sites pose, and want to harness some of it. There is a much bigger potential in online casino gambling than in horseracing, and the US government should take that into account. After all, why is that games being played in Las Vegas are considered hazardous to play in your own home? There is something very wrong about this whole anti online casino gambling campaign, and little by little, it is starting to manifest.

Hopefully, Governor Pataki’s actions and recent passed laws will show the rest of the online casino objectors the way and the US government will change its stand regarding online casino gambling. Just as horseracing is adapting to the new times, all other gambling aspects including online casino gambling such be adjusted as well.

OCA News Editor