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Online Casino Firm under Legal Fire Accuses Neteller

Like with most legal disputes, the BetonSports fiasco entered the financial stage. The online casino company was cracked down by the United States Department of Justice for tax evasion and many of its executives were arrested, the company had to stop accepting bets from United States originating online casino players, and now seems at a point where their business is completely shattered. Another dispute erupted between the online casino group and Neteller around undelivered payouts.

One of the court orders issued for the online casino group forces BetonSports to pay online casino players their deposits back, but due to another court order that disallowed any further contact between the online casino group and online transaction services, such as Neteller, paying players back is not possible. In a special interview this week, Neteller’s Vice President said that the company isn’t holding any payout for online gambling players, and it’s BetonSports that isn’t willing to pay up.

“Neteller is not holding any funds from BetonSports and thus has not frozen or held any reserve funds from this company.” Andrew Gilchrist, the VP of Corporate Development, and Communications said. The fact remains that online casino players who made a deposit to the online casino site still don’t have their money back, and this looks like something that will have to resolved, yet again, in court. With all the legal pressure and the fact that the not much is left from the company, it doesn’t look good for those online casino players that are waiting for their money. It is always a good idea to play at online gambling venues that are known to be safe and trustworthy.

OCA News Editor