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Gambling Regulations Expected for Approval by Arkansas Commission

The Arkansas Racing Commission expects to approve new electronic gambling regulations during its meeting in Little Rock. This approval would bring another gambling option a step closer to implementation at the state’s two pari-mutuel racetracks. The rules authorize continuous betting and gambling around-the-clock, as drafted. This constant stream of gambling would only stop for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Many gamblers look forward to a positive outcome regarding these regulations.

As many as 1,000 would be stationed at each location in Oaklawn Park thoroughbred racetrack in Hot Springs and Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis. These two cities have awaited state approval of the regulations since local votes approved adding the electronic gambling machines to their gambling offerings during special elections November 8th. This is definitely an anxiously awaited subject for many in these cities, both gamblers and those who provide these services.

These gambling regulations are yet another example of how the US is dealing, both on a state and federal government level with gambling and the future of this popular and ever-growing pastime. Local commissions and governments seem to be more receptive and willing regarding gambling. This is not so when discussing the federal government’s feelings about gambling. Maybe the slow inclusion of gambling on the local and county levels in individual states will be the force that will eventually topple the anti-gambling laws and feelings of the US government. Only time will tell.

OCA News Editor