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Online Casino Gambling Legal Future Unclear

The legal future of the online casino industry in the United States is at stake once again. Last week’s events, with Bet on Sports’ executive detained and indicted, have left the online casino community in turmoil. The Department of Justice has approved the action against the online casino’s executive, but the clear motives are unknown. Legal pressure is rising as the anti online casino bill, promoted by Goodlatte, heads for Senate, and many question marks are in the air.

Many different elements in the United States’ government are working hard to stop online casino gambling, and it seems that their actions are bearing fruits. Online casino firms realize that in order to survive they will have to change their business plans and move into foreign markets as well. With the question of online casino gambling legitimacy still unanswered, it is hard to say what comes next.

It is unknown, as of yet, if more indictments are on the way, or was this a sole incident, but the affect that it left on the online casino industry in the United States is unmistakable. There are people who feel that Bet on Sports’ matter will not affect the Senate hearing over the anti online casino bill, but there are also less optimistic voices that are talking about a darker future. Right now, online gambling in American is thriving and it will remain this way for the near future. Now is a good time to visit the online casino sites, as no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

OCA News Editor