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Anti Online Casino Bill Passes House and Moves to Senate

It seems that anti online casino legislation is underway in the United States. Bill HR 4411 that was issued by republican representative Goodlatte has survived various amendments and is heading for the United States Senate. The bill addresses the issue of online casino gambling and aimed at provoking a ban on the online casino industry. Many elements in the gambling community believed that the bill would not stand because it has some controversial issues that deal with horseracing and fantasy sports that were not settled, but the bill proved to be well formulated.

The Goodlatte bill targets the use of credit cards and bank transfers and by banning the use of such financial services with online casino sites, it will hurt the very core of the online casino industry. If players can pay for their online gambling at the online casino sites, then online gambling operations will have to be closed. “Because these businesses are located offshore, they usually cannot be reached through state or federal law enforcement,” Goodlatte said. Easy access to Internet gambling websites and lack of law enforcement give the US public a misimpression that Internet gambling is not illegal.”

The bill will now move to the Senate, where such bills have been previously overlooked. Although the chance that the Senate will approve the Goodlatte bill and ban online casino sites is slim, the fact that the Senate will discuss anti online casino legislation is concerning enough.

OCA News Editor