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Everton Closes Online Casino Site

Everton FC, a popular UK soccer club, has decided to close its online casino site this week, a move that has stunned football club fans and online casino fans alike. Customers of the online casino site received a late night email last week informing them of the firm’s decision. However, while the move has come as a surprise to some, industry analysts predict that several other online casino operations in the UK may follow suite in an attempt to implement changes to websites and gambling related advertising.

While the decision to close its online casino, bingo hall and sports betting service has been regarded as a bold move by the football club, Everton’s online casino fans are still waiting to be paid outstanding money owed to them. Everton FC has assured its online casino fans that this will be the case in an email, stating that “supporters should note that all balances (excluding promotional credits and bonuses) in Everton Bet accounts will be transferred back to the client. Players should contact Support over the next 14 days to arrange a transfer.”

The football club’s management has advised that the decision to close its online casino operations took place after an amicable agreement was reached between the football club and the providers of Everton Bet’s online casino services. And while disappointed club supporters and gamblers won’t be able to bet or gamble with their favorite team, Everton hasn’t ruled out revisiting its internet options further down the line.

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