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UK Online Casino Industry Pushes for Legislation Summit

There’s much excitement in the United Kingdom’s online casino industry these days. The British government announced at the beginning of the year that a high-level summit with discuss the issue of online casino regulation and will look into ways to encourage online casino operators to move their business onshore. It’s been almost six months since the dramatic announcement and the online casino industry wants things to move faster.

Many different elements in the online casino community are pressuring for action. The Business in Sport and Leisure industry group started making remarks about the promised summit and called the British government to take action this week. No one in the industry was invited to the alleged summit, and people in the online casino community are concerned that no such summit will take place and the issue of online casino regulation will be put aside.

The only available details regarding the summit indicate that only politicians will be invited. The online casino industry doesn’t like the fact that politicians will address the issue of online casino regulation and believes that the industry should be responsible for its own future. Different voices speak of the need to self regulate and that the online casino industry has to show that it’s capable of offering responsible gambling before any real steps are taken.

OCA News Editor