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Sponsors Flock to Support Online Casino Proposal

According to Nevada’s Republican Congressman Jon Porter, no less than 42 U.S. politicians have so far endorsed his initiative in proposing a Congressional committee conduct a full investigation into the online casino industry. The government is being urged to thoroughly explore gambling at online casino sites before taking any measures to ban it outright. In order to raise support for his endeavor, Porter has introduced the Internet Gambling Study Commission Act, which proposes to establish a commission to examine the impact of online casino sites.

Nevada Reps. Jim Gibbons and Shelley Berkley are the original co-sponsors of the legislation, which if successful will result in the first political study into online casino sites. The legislation has been welcomed by major players in the online casino industry and has the full support of the American Gambling Authority (AGA). The organization originally called for the Congressional study following the results of its annual gambling survey, which found that increasing numbers of Americans support the legalization and regulation of the online casino industry.

The proposed Internet Gambling Study Commission would consist of nine appointed members, which would be tasked with conducting a comprehensive study of gambling at online casino sites. The government’s present legal framework responsible for governing gambling activity would also be focused on. According to Gibbons, online casino sites are easily accessed via the internet and in order to preserve integrity and fairness, a government study is mandatory.

OCA News Editor