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Licensing for Gibraltar’s Online Casino Sites Underway

A new statutory regulatory and licensing framework for gambling at Gibraltar’s online casino sites is underway in an attempt to clarify legality issues. A large number of online casino firms are based in Gibraltar and will be subject to the country’s new framework. Players at online casino sites will also gain extra peace of mind from knowing that their casinos must adhere to strict guidelines in order to earn and retain a gambling license in Gibraltar.

Among the requirements online casino operators must meet are the provision of secure environments for all computers used for gambling purposes and the inclusion of licensee details on websites to stamp out fraudulent advertising. All online casino sites must also implement responsible gambling policies that prevent players at online casino sites from gambling beyond their means. Gaming sites must also display contact details for charitable organizations and support networks set up to deal with gambling problems on their sites.

The new licensing standards for online casino sites are currently under review by Gibraltar’s government and are expected to be implemented before the end of the year. The move to tighten up on the country’s online casino sites is thought to be based on the United Kingdom’s aim to attract gaming operators to Britain in 2007.

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