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Nevada Urged to Study Online Casino Gambling

The attitudes of U.S. legislators toward online gambling were once again subject to debate in U.S. media this week. A statement from the American Gaming Association (AGA) and several large online casino operators and land-based gaming firms has urged the U.S. government to conduct an in-depth study into online casino gambling. A study, they say, is crucial before any legislation aimed at curbing online casino gambling is passed.

Following the AGA’s annual survey, Frank Fahrenkopf, the organization’s chairman, issued a statement highlighting the need to protect casino players at offshore online casino sites. “The American people clearly want to gamble on the internet,” Fahrenkopf said. “The question is what’s the best way to protect them? Is it better to have online casino firms offshore or would it be better to license, regulate and tax them here?” The AGA’s white paper survey of online casino gamblers indicated that contrary to common perceptions, casino players tend to be younger, more affluent and better-educated than gamblers who frequent land-based casinos.

As a result of the call for further research into online casino gaming, two Republican Senators, Shelley Berkley and Jon Porter, have introduced a bill to launch the congressional study requested by the AGA. Porter has stated that there are strong signs within Congress that support for a study is increasing. Porter pointed out that Congress needs far more information on the online casino industry before it makes decisions, and that supporting a study is an alternative for those members opposed to the Goodlatte bill.

OCA News Editor