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New Regulations for Online Casino Sites in UK

A new draft Code of Practice published by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission will force operators of online casino sites registered in the country to inform their customers on how much time and cash they have spent at online casino sites. Strategies to keep tabs on problem gamblers at online casino sites will also be enforced under the new Code.

The Code of Practice will be fully imposed by the Gambling Commission on the online casino industry when the Gambling Act comes into force in 2007. Both land-based casinos and online casino sites will be forced to comply with the Code, together with bingo clubs, lotteries and sports betting agencies. Among the Code’s stipulations are that operators of online casino sites must publish their policies and procedures to promote socially responsible gambling activity prominently on their websites. Access to organizations that assist with problem gambling must be made available, along with measures to control repetitive gambling.

The Gambling Commission’s chairman, Peter Dean, has vowed that all British operators of online casino sites will be monitored regularly to ensure their full compliance with new rules. The Gambling Commission has been given full power over the industry by the UK government. Dean has stated previously that the organization will be ready to revoke licenses from operators of online casino sites that choose to operate outside the law.

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