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Legalities Facing Online Casino Industry Explored at Conference

Those involved with the ongoing legalities faced by the online casino industry will be dusting off their briefcases shortly in preparation for the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) Conference. The event takes place in Slovenia this year and is expected to attract a diverse range of online casino attendees. The conference will focus specifically on developments in the European online casino industry, along with the emerging Eastern European market.

Participants from a range of online casino related industries are invited to register to share insight and information on legal issues. The event’s organizers have stressed that it is crucial for lawyers, online casino operators and other industry associates to understand how legislation affects their business. One of the major concerns the online casino industry is facing is the ability that international jurisdictions can have on imposing specific legislations on operators. Special attention is expected to be given to issues of this nature.

The event’s organizers, the River City Group, have opened the event to members of the network and non-members. While further details can be found on the online casino firm’s website, organizers say that the event is not online casino specific and should be viewed as a welcoming forum for all those with legal questions and concerns in the industry.

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