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Online Casino Industry Self Regulates

When it comes to online casino sites and online gambling, not all countries see eye to eye. While the United States’ House of Representatives is promoting anti online casino legislation, offshore countries are legalizing online casino sites and consider them legitimate business enterprises. When U.S. congressional representatives are working on anti online casino legislation, British elected are trying to find ways to regulate the online gambling industry.

While different governments quarrel over the way they believe the online casino industry should look, parties from within the online gambling community are taking matters into their own hands. The online casino industry cannot exist without the players, and by trying to offer better customer support, better customer service, and a safer online casino experience – and by doing so, the online gambling sites are self-regulating the industry.

As time goes by, more ‘rules of proper conduct’ are agreed on, and independent groups that monitor the online casino industry are emerging. Every online casino want a seal saying that it’s a safe place for online gambling, that it promotes responsible gambling, and all other ‘public luring’ titles. The competition over the players drives the online casino industry to self regulate and might solve the issue of future online gambling legislation. Regulating bodies like eCOGRA could become official judiciary bodies for the industry, and there will be no need for government interference.

OCA News Editor