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eCOGRA Pushes Online Casino Self Regulation

eCOGRA the self-regulatory body of the online casino community aims to boost responsible gambling and will hold its second global training session in London at the end of May. The online casino industry has not been legalized in the United States yet and there are many concerns regarding the implications of online casino gambling. eCOGRA is self-regulating the industry and reflects a different approach for the online casino industry’s future. eCOGRA might prove to be the answer for the anti online gambling legislation question.

The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance targets to self regulate the online casino community by monitoring and evaluating online casino operators’ conduct. eCOGRA offers a “Play it Safe” seal to online casino sites that are complying with the eCOGRA ground rules of responsible online gambling. eCOGRA’s main priority is to eradicate underage gambling, and the upcoming training session will focus on this issue.

“Because online gaming is so popular, attracting many millions of players worldwide, responsible operators know that keeping their site and their players safe is critical to their long term business goals and the overall good of the industry,” says eCOGRA. By self-regulating, the online casino industry can prove that the community is responsible enough and that no anti online casino legislation is needed.

OCA News Editor