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District Court Indicts Online Casino Operators

A U.S. District Court indicted two operators of an illegal offshore online casino business, William Scott and Jessica Davis. The two are accused of illegally soliciting American online casino players to send money from the United States to the offshore Caribbean island of Antigua. The two operated a large online casino and online sports betting site and many Americans sent their money in order to wager on their wide selection of online gambling features.

The two violated the Wire and Travel Acts, and were also involved in money laundering activities. In addition to the online casino charges, Scott was accused of not complying with the IRS standards. The two online casino operators were involved in a number of illegal activities and it was rather simple for the authorities to press charges. There are many other offshore online casino operations that U.S. authorities are unable to stop, because they are not breaking any laws.

Although online casino sites’ legal stand is still under discussion, the authorities are looking for other ways to stop online gambling, and any online casino operator that is breaking the law will be brought down. Online casino sites attract a lot of attention from the law enforcement community and when operators are violating federal laws it’s easier to press charges.

OCA News Editor