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Online Casino Gamblers Warned Against Scams

An antivirus vendor has announced that it has detected a potentially malicious root kit application targeted at users of a specific online casino application. The Finnish antivirus vendor said the program was being dropped onto users’ machines from the online casino poker community site when they downloaded a poker fee “rakeback” tool called Rake Tracker. With the malicious tool in place, the program could access login details related to a number of well-known online casino sites. The hacker could then effectively make money by setting up online casino games between himself and himself posing as the compromised user, and lose as the user.

A popular online casino poker site has warned users about this hacking risk, but assured them that the threat has now been removed. It still stressed, however, that users should reset their online casino poker passwords and then continue in their normal mode of play. The online casino stressed that users of any online website must permanently be on the lookout for suspicious downloads and additional requests to submit password and personal information.

This event is one of a recent increase in threats by hackers to access online casino sites. It seems that the hackers think that they have found a sensitive market and are trying to penetrate it. Online casino developers are assuring users, however, that there is no threat at all and that they have all the technology in their power to counteract such threats.

OCA News Editor