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Land Based Operators Support Online Casino Regulation

Legal debate regarding United States’ online casino legislation is heating up once again, with increasing pressure on politicians to consider online casino regulation as an alternative. This pressure in favor of online gambling comes from an unexpected source – the land base casino operators. Land based gambling operators are losing many customers for the online casino sites, but now we see them join their gambling-brothers-in-arms in battle.

The land based casino operators have decided to make their voice heard following the American Gaming Association’s call for a congressional committee to study online casino gambling. All parties believe that regulating the industry is a much better solution than banning online casino sites. Many of the big brands in land gambling are saying that the only way of controlling the $12 billion online casino industry, an industry that is based offshore while more than half of its earnings come from the U.S., is to regulate and tax it.

This argument has been heard before, but now it comes from some of the most influential people in the United States’ gambling community. These are the people who contributed more than $900,000 to congressional candidates, and now they are asking their representatives to assist them with this online casino legislation matter. Meanwhile, Bob Goodlatte and other Republican representatives are pursuing their online casino ban, and hopefully the land-based industry’s call will not be heard too late.

OCA News Editor