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Russia Legislates again Online Casino Advertising

In the last three years, gambling has increased substantially in Russia and particularly in Moscow, thanks to a Russian fascination with online casino sites. This rapid growth has increased pressure on the government to legalize various forms of gambling, including gambling at online casinos. The government has now decided to combat the increased advertising in Russia that promotes and endorses online casino gambling.

According to Russian analysts, the online casino industry in Russia may soon rival Asia as one of the world’s fastest-growing gambling markets. The government’s fear that online casino gambling could reach epidemic proportions has been behind new legislation aimed at curbing advertising. Under the new legislation, advertising online casino sites will be illegal from 10pm until 7am on radio and television. Posters and billboard advertising for railway stations, bus stations and subway stations is prohibited at all times.

The new legislation also bans internet advertisements for online casino sites, and while the legislation is not due for full implementation until July, the decision to explicitly ban internet advertising has already had far-reaching implications for the online casino industry. Leading Russian search engine, Yandex, has led the way by removing gaming advertisements from its advertising channels.

OCA News Editor