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Players Demand Further Online Casino Regulation

The 8th Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo took place last week in Montreal and players attending the conference are calling for more online casino regulation. Players feel that they are treated badly by many online casino operators, and calling for more online casino groups to join regulation initiatives to provide better security for players of online gambling sites. Trust is the most important element in the online casinos community, and players feel that trust is running out.

Speakers at the summit addressed the fact that most online casino jurisdictions are not enforcing their own code over online casino groups that enjoy their license, and players’ claims are often ignored. Players that were mistreated by several online casino operators have turned to the jurisdictions, but were left unanswered. Players demand more assurances that online gambling software is fair, and that the online gambling sites they play at are safe and trustworthy.

This can only be achieved by further regulation. The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is a great example. This self-regulator has been monitoring the online casino community for quite some time and offers players with accurate information regarding online casino sites security and reliability. However, this is not enough; eCOGRA needs more support from a larger number of online casino software providers and operators. Players demand that trust in the community will be restored, and online gambling regulation is the only way of making it happen.

OCA News Editor