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Online Casino Legislation Leads to Dealer Shortage

While those in the online casino industry are eagerly anticipating the full implementation of the UK’s Gambling Act 2005, some sources are questioning whether the UK has the resources to meet the expected demand. According to one casino, online casino personnel are in short supply and resources for land-based casinos in Britain have reached critical levels. Gala Casino is one land-based casino that has spoken out on the need careers in the online casino industry and in land-based gaming more attractive to newcomers.

The casino’s spokesperson Maggie Smith has reported that it is increasingly difficult to meet the demands of the ever-growing number of casino patrons due to a severe shortage in dealers. While the online casino industry continues to attract record numbers of British casino players, land-based casinos have also experienced a surge in popularity. However it would seem that most people are lukewarm when it comes to the idea of establishing a career in the online casino or land-based casino industry. The lack of experienced croupiers is not a new issue; however industry insiders are becoming more concerned about it due to the imminent legalization of casino gaming in Britain. The government’s plan to introduce super-casinos and to attract online casino operators to the country’s shores – while pleasing casino fans and the industry itself – has highlighted the lack of trained casino personnel.

One enterprising educational academy in Blackpool is determined to redress the balance. The Blackpool Academy anticipates that the popular holiday town will become a major centre for online casino operators and land-based casinos, and is determined to ensure a new generation of casino personnel are ready to take up the challenge. A range of gaming-related courses are underway at the Academy and have become a popular choice for students and online casino fans.

OCA News Editor