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Gambling Sites Bring Law Community Into Online Casino Sites

While the legal community tries to bring online casino sites to court, there are some online casino sites that are bringing the law community into the online casinos! The online gambling industry is under pressure by the growing legal debate, and just to show that legislation is something not taken seriously by the online gambling community, some online gambling sites are featuring law wagers.

There is still time until legal issues concerning online casino gambling will be resolved, but the online gambling sites have found a way to make money off legal issues as well. Sports betting sites are featuring wagers on upcoming legal debates such as the Debra Moffatt – McDonalds lawsuit. Will Debra win? how much money are you willing to bet on it? Online casino sites are constantly looking for new wagers, and the current online casino trend is lawsuits.

There are many high profile lawsuits in the United States, and offering wagers on these cases attract many people into the online casino sites. A side from law wagers you can find all other typical online casino activities, such as sports betting, poker playing and much more. The online casino sites portray a ‘business as usual’ front, although behind the scenes there’s much confusion regarding the industry’s legal future.

OCA News Editor