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Poker Players Alliance Objects to Anti Online Casino Bills

The Poker Players Alliance has sent its representatives to Washington in order to address the issue of anti online casino legislation. The Poker Players Alliance feels that the U.S. congress is misguided when it comes to anti online casino legislation, and that it will be a major mistake for the American people if online casino gambling will be banned. The Poker Player Alliance claims that poker is a unique American pastime and legal action to ban it shouldn’t take place.

The United States government doesn’t approve of online casino gambling and many members of congress are working to issue an anti online casino legislation. Although online casino gambling is highly popular throughout the United States and millions of Americans visit online casino sites all the time, there are voices in the government that are calling to ban it. The Poker Players Alliance was formed to protect online poker gaming and to stop anti online casino initiatives.

The issue of online casino gambling legislation is a very sensitive subject in the United States today. There are many people who think that online casino sites should be regarded as any other profanity that is offered on the net, like child pornography for example. On the other hand, many people regard online casino sites as good entertainment, like watching TV or playing video games. The legal battle is far from over, but things are becoming more intense, that’s for sure.

OCA News Editor