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US Online Casino Industry Faces Uncertain Future

The legal future of online casino sites in the U.S. has still to be decided upon, but online casino business is starting to suffer from the ongoing debate. Many companies regard the online casino market to be highly unsafe for investment as long as the future of the industry remains unclear. It seemed that the online casino industry was undisturbed by the U.S. government affords to ban online casino sites. However, key players in the industry are starting to take the federal government’s affords very seriously.

Online casino giant 888, as announced its quarterly revenues and shows a deliberate decrease in U.S. revenue. The online casino group favors the European market instead of the American one. The U.S. gambling audience is the largest online casino market in the world today, but still 888 is unsure about the future of the industry and decided to shift its affords towards different countries. Another blow to the American online casino industry is the decision made by ‘Playboy’ not to launch its new online gambling site in the United States, for the same reason.

This uncertainty with the online casino legal future is taking its toll. The legal stand of online casino sites must be resolved soon, or the online casino industry will take its business elsewhere by choice. Many countries consider regularizing online gambling, and these markets are much safer for the industry’s top players.

OCA News Editor