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Football Betting Head Ready for Legalized Casino Sports Betting

Tan Soo Nan Director of the Singapore Pools casino sports betting company and three other members of the company met with officials of the Vietnam Football Federation this week to discuss the procedure that would be needed in order to legalize casino sports betting in Vietnam. At the meeting, Nan stated that the local football organization was top-class and reflected the passion for football in Vietnam. He emphasized that there were sufficient conditions to develop a legal football casino sports betting system, with potential earnings of millions of US dollars promised each year.

As part of his tour of Vietnam, Tan Soo Nan learned about the casino sports competition system of Vietnamese football, the average number of viewers for each match, the number of football clubs and the number of fans that would potentially bet. He hinted that a local operator of could earn more from casino sports betting than they could in Singapore. He was not willing to share profits figures made from sports betting services offered by Singapore Pools, but said that the Singapore Football Federation receives millions of dollars off the top of the bets.

The Vietnamese government recently assigned the Ministry of Finance to research the possibilities of legalizing football casino sports betting. Singapore Pools was just one of the several sports betting organizations which will be invited to Hanoi to help develop the system.

OCA News Editor