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Vietnam Might Legalize Casino Sports Betting to Fight Corruption

Vietnam has recently been plagued with match fixing and other corrupted casino sports betting practices. The government and the sports unions have had enough and have finally decided to do something about it – the government is considering legalizing online casino sports betting. The government hopes that by legalizing and regulating casino sports betting, it will be able to control the corrupted market and get rid of undesirable elements.

In order to get a full picture of the online casino sports betting industry, Vietnam has invited foreign experts in the casino sports betting industry to visit the country. They will be meeting with government officials and officials in the sporting sector in order to impart their wisdom and experience. Casino sports betting experts from China, Britain and Singapore are expected to be visiting the country within the next couple of days and weeks.

The draft of the casino sports betting legalization plan will be completed next month. It will first be sent to ministries related to the issue for their input and discussion and will finally be presented to the government in the last quarter of 2006. Football casino sports betting is currently illegal in Vietnam and police are investing several cases of match fixing involving national level players, referees and sports officials.

OCA News Editor