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Online Casino Gambling Ring Cracked in China

China is fast becoming almost as renowned as the U.S. for its vociferous opposition to the online casino industry. This week, a prominent Beijing newspaper reported that Chinese police have solved over 350 cases involving online casino gambling. Approximately 700 suspects have been questioned in connection with the government’s aim to stamp out online casino gambling amongst the country’s youth.

A spokesperson from the government’s Ministry of Public Security has issued a statement advising that online casino gambling, along with pornography, hacking and the creation of computer viruses, has become one of the internet’s main problems. The spokesperson went on to say that online casino gambling has detracted from efforts to create a healthy online environment for Chinese youth, and highlighted the government’s determination to fight the influence online casino gambling can have over young people.

A series of websites have been developed by the government at which Chinese citizens are urged to report crimes including online casino gambling. The Ministry of Public Security intends to encourage its citizens to use the internet for healthy purposes, the official said. In China, most forms of organized gambling are strictly prohibited. The only exception to the rule is the province of Macau, which operates a booming gambling industry and is home to thousands of new online casino fans.

OCA News Editor