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Belgium Examines Online Casino Gaming Laws

According to government sources, Belgium is about to issue new regulations in an attempt to deter over 100,000 Belgian citizens from gambling at online casino sites. Debate surrounding the legislation has been raging for three years and the new regulations are expected to focus on online casino poker, slots and live casino games.

The recommendations for legislation come from a government commission of inquiry on online casino gambling and will be presented to the Minister of Justice this month. The report follows results of a widely publicized study that found over one billion euro is spent by Belgian online casino fans at online casino sites each year. Gambling at online casino sites is illegal in Belgium, yet over 9,000 separate sites provide Belgian language support for casino players.

Among the commission’s recommendations is that an outright ban on gambling should be avoided. The government has been urged instead to grant licenses to nine Belgian casinos that could also provide online casino gaming. The Commission believes that this would deter Belgian casino players from gambling at offshore online casino sites and the taxation paid by licensees could provide a useful source of revenue for the government.

OCA News Editor