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Chinese Police Acts Against Online Casino Operations

The online casino industry’s tendency to lean towards the Far East might suffer great resistance. With business not as expected and the online casino market on the verge of saturation, online gambling operators are exploring new markets and the China’s developing Internet market seemed like the best option. Recent reports show that Beijing has different plans for the online casino industry.

According to the Ministry of Public Security the Chinese police have prosecuted over 350 online casino gambling cases and arrested more than 700 alleged participants during the year so far. The Chinese regard online gambling in the same way they regard online pornography, the spread of computer viruses and hackers. China believes that online casino gambling prevents the establishment of a healthy Internet environment.

Unless China changes its view on online casino sites, the online gambling operators will have a hard time penetrating the Chinese Internet market. There are many people in China that might be interested in online casino sites, but as long as online gambling is considered malicious by the government, not much can be done. Online casinos operators who are looking for an overseas business expansion might reconsider China as their main objective. The Ministry of Public Security added that this kind of pressure is not expected to disappear in the foreseeable future.

OCA News Editor