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New Senate Bill Regarding Online Casino Legislation

A bill past by the United States Senate makes it impossible for each state to determine its own approach for online casino poker. The states are not allowed to issue anti online casino legislation on their own, and the senate remains the sole body with anti online casino legislation privileges. The bill was initiated by Democratic State Senator Margarita Prentice and was accepted on March 28th. The new bill will come to affect starting June 7th.

The reason for the new law are quite intriguing. Right now there are several Indian tribes in the sate of Washington which are allowed to run their own casino establishments and in theory could start their own online casino business, like the Kahnawake in the Quebec Province of Canada. The only way they will not be able to launch online casino services is if a written law says so. And now with the new law the senate is the only one who is authorized to set online casino legislation.

It’s seems that the United States government is set on making online casino sites’ life as uncomfortable as possible. Currently online casino sites are still working across the United States and an official ban is yet to be decided upon. Only time will tell what will be the outcome of the United States legal steps against the online casino industry.

OCA News Editor