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UK Public Sees Online Casino Industry Differently

A new survey conducted by Prime Table Games shows that the British public wants to know more about online casino and online gambling legislation. UK players are demanding that the newly appointed Gambling Commission provides more information about the coming Gambling Act and that the online casino sites provide more information about themselves. The main issue that bothers UK online casino players is whether or not a gambling site is operated by a third party service provider. 73 percent of the people said that they want gambling sites to be clearer on the subject, and 30 percent said they complete oppose online casinos outsourcing their online operations.

The online casino audience also demands to know when money is transformed from online casino sites to affiliate groups. The online casino players are highly aware on how online gambling sites market themselves and they want to know what is done with their money. 44 percent of the people asked said they would less likely to gamble at online gambling sites that shares money with affiliates.

It seems that the gambling public knows exactly how online casino sites should be handled and the online casino industry better listen and give the public what it wants. The are major changes ahead with the upcoming Gambling Act and it’s important that the changes will be made with the public demand at heart.

OCA News Editor