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Italian Legal Dispute over Online Casino Gambling Continues

The Italian government is known for its disapproval of online casino gambling, and a new scandal regarding anti online casino legislation is now taking place at Italian courts. The Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli de Stato, the Italian regulator, has ordered all ISP providers to ban user access to online casinos. Astrabet, one of the online casino owners, filled a suit to an Italian court saying that the procedure was not conducted probably and that the IP ban should be lifted. The Italian court has agreed with the online gambling operator’s claims, but the AAMS is not listening.

The Italian regulator hasn’t complied with the Italian court’s order to lift the ban over Astrabet online casino, and the ban continues. The online casino operator said that it plans to launch further litigation until the ban is lifted. The Italian IP ban has the European online casino community worried and many people regard Astrabet’s move as a positive precedent hoping it will help fight anti online casino legislation in the future.

Last week the AAMS filed a ‘reclamo’ to answer abstrabet’s claims, and it’s left to be seen what will be the outcome of this online casino legal dispute. The Italian government doesn’t want Italian citizens playing at foreign online casino sites, or to gamble online at all in that matter. The outcomes of the Italian online casino dispute will surely affect the way other European countries look at online casino gambling.

OCA News Editor