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Online Casino and Media Company Continues to Quarrel

The battle between online casino group Bodog and the media company Blue Moon Entertainment keeps going. Blue Moon accused the online casino group for plagiarizing their concept of a poker tournament themed TV show. Clavin Ayre, Bodog’s CEO, has dismissed the allegations and said that the entertainment company is trying to damage Bodog’s good name and that there is no truth to its claims. The story seemed to quiet down a bit until Blue Moon field a statement in a Los Angeles Country courthouse this week saying that it adds Fox Sports Net to its list of defenders.

This business rivalry’s center of attention is the TV reality show “Wild Card Poker.” Blue Moon is saying that the online casino firm has copycatted its earlier “Poker Showdown” concept. Blue Moon is also saying that the concept for the show was conceived after Bodog approached them with an offer regarding an online casino poker type show. Wild Card Poker is a six-episode poker themed show, and the first episode was already aired.

The show is a great publicity tool for Bodog and recent attention only does it good. With Blue Moon’s new statement it is clear that the case did not “go away” as the online casino portrayed. It needs to be seen how this affects the show and if other measures will be taken. Bodog online casino is one of the most successful online gambling venues and Clavin Ayre, its CEO, is one of the most recognized faces in the industry.

OCA News Editor