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UK Contemplates Online Casino and Gambling Advertisement

England seems to be softening its stand on online casinos and land based gambling. A proposition made by the Advertising Standards Authority and the UK Gaming Commission is advising the UK government to lift the four-decade ban on gambling advertisement. Currently no form of gambling is allowed to be advertised in the UK. Online casinos, casino houses, sports books and other form of gambling are completely forbidden from being advertised. The new proposal is being evaluated and, if accepted, should be launched late 2007.

The Advertising Standards Authority and the UK Gaming Commission are not calling for complete freedom of online casinos and gambling advertising. They believe that severe restrictions are needed when it comes to gambling advertisement, but the ban should be removed and legislation regarding online casinos and gambling advertisement should change. If this new law will be accepted, then online casinos could advertise their sites on television, radio, newspapers, and virtually any other media.

To enforce the advertisement restrictions that will be decided upon, the UK Gaming Commission will disbar any online casinos site or gambling establishment that doesn’t comply with the new laws. The new approached towards gambling advertisement continues on the same track with the Gambling Act 2005. The UK sees online casinos and gambling as a whole differently than other countries and believes that gambling should be regulated and not banned.

OCA News Editor