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AFC Pressing China to Stop Illegal Casino Gambling

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has said that illegal casino gambling on football in China is a black mark on the country’s football culture and that illegal casino gambling must be stopped at all costs. The Chairman of the Asian Football Confederation, Mohammed bin Hammam has warned that the phenomenon of illegal casino gambling on football in China is a black mark on China’s football culture. He said that it was imperative that the Chinese government intervene to stop the illegal gambling. He continued that illegal gambling and betting was a blot on the country’s sporting record and it could not be stopped only through national associations.

Hamman said that the Chinese government had no choice but to issue laws and regulations against illegal casino gambling. The laws would not be enough, however, because they needed to be enforced. The actual stopping of illegal casino gambling requires a unique police force that does work on the ground, finds out who the culprits are and tracks them down. Illegal casino gambling is a problem all over the world but it has increased dramatically in China over the past few years and focuses on the sport of football.

Chinese football has been at the brunt of organized crime and illegal casino gambling activity for a while – with underground gambling rings at the root of many of the Super League’s problems, encouraging referees, players and coaches to fix matches. He concluded that the need to establish well-organized and regulated casino gambling infrastructures in China would be a partial solution to the problem.

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