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UK Illegal Casino Sports Betting Under Spotlight

As part of the new Gambling Act in Britain, illegal casino sports betting is now under the spotlight. Sports minister vows to fight illegal sports betting as part of new plan. Sports betting and casino gambling syndicates which operate illegal practices are going to be targeted by a new plan, part of the newly formed gambling regulation laws in the UK. A new ten-point plan to target illegal casino sports betting was introduced by the British sports minister, Richard Caborn, this week. The new Gambling Act which is being formulated in Britain has vowed to regulate the sports betting and gambling industry, and keep out illegal and unsavory elements from the industry.

The new code of practice was unveiled at the Integrity in Sports Betting Conference, which was hosted by the Rugby Football Union (RFU), should lead to unprecedented levels of cooperation between authorities, the casino betting industry and sporting bodies. Caborn explained that the Gambling Act which comes into force in September 2007 was needed to regulate the ever-expanding area of online casino sports betting. He explained that casino sports betting has changed dramatically over the years and that advances in technology mean that there are now more and more ways to place a sports bet that ever before.

Caborn continued that casino sports betting had great potential and was good for the sports industry. He said it was essential that a few illegal and unscrupulous cheats should drag the entire industry through the mud. He swore to fight the rise of illegal casino sports betting and produce an organized and regulated sports betting market.

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