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Philippine Politicians Move on Juvenile Casino Gambling

Philippine politicians are express concern over juvenile casino gambling across the country. The growing incidents of underage gambling has led the Philippine police and local government units to enforce the law prohibiting young people from gambling at casino like establishments. Philippines find young people being exposed to casino and gambling operations alarming, and politicians aim for further legislation.

Palawan Representative, Abraham Mitra, has filed House Resolution 1214 and quoted a recently published study showing that 85 percent of all students have taken part in some sort of casino activity while they were still in school, and that some of the student were actually gamblers. The study shows that young people who tend to gamble will probably suffer from difficulties forming personal relationships, school related issues, and such. A young pupil is not completely aware of all the elements concerned with casino gambling, and therefore should not gamble.

Philippines’ politicians, who focus on juvenile casino gambling, address the problem of young gamblers alone. There hasn’t been any talk about the casino gambling industry itself, and Philippine doesn’t regard gambling as a negative aspect. The only issue at stake is limiting casino gambling for adults, and keeping young people away from the casino establishments, as the casino owners are not that eager to solve the problem themselves.

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