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Republican Senator Criticizes Online Casino Bill

In a strange turn of events, the Traditional Values Coalition has criticised the attempts of a bill sponsored by Republican Senator Bob Goodlatte to ban online casino gambling. The online casino bill was unenthusiastically received at a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, prompting the Traditional Values Coalition to issue a statement supporting the idea that banning the online casino industry would in fact achieve the opposite effect.

The Coalition wrote that while it supported the principle of removing online casino gambling from the internet, it was deeply concerned about the potential effect of the legislation if passed. “The Goodlatte bill could more accurately be called the Internet Gambling Growth and Opportunity Expansion Act,” the group’s statement read. The Coalition also stated that the online casino bill is inadequate as it fails to address all forms of gambling in the U.S. The current version of the bill bans online casino gambling but allows intrastate internet lotteries, interstate horse racing and online wagering on specific sports betting events.

While the bill has been widely condemned by online casino advocates, civil rights groups and promoters of free speech, it has also incurred the criticism of Caribbean nations Antigua and Barbuda. A deadline imposed on the U.S. government by the World Trade Organization passed last week with no attempt to defend the U.S. position on online casino gambling. As a result, Antigua is currently investigating ways in which to implement trade sanctions against the U.S.

OCA News Editor

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