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French Online Casino Firms Operate Internationally

Current restrictions on online gambling in France have not prevented French online casino sites from advertising their services internationally. Instead, a recent ruling by the French government paves the way for lottery betting at online casino sites to be marketed to overseas gambling fans. The new legislation came into effect on February 17 and permits internet betting on French lottery events from fans of online casino sites regardless of their physical location.

The government’s ruling has highlighted how inconsistencies relating to online casino legislation permeate throughout the European Union. Some European countries have chosen to permit gambling at online casino sites owned and operated by the state, for example, Sweden. However, other countries, such as Italy, have adopted a tough approach toward online gambling, banning foreign-based online casino sites from operating in Italy and advertising their products and services to casino players.

The French government’s decision to allow internationals to participate at online casino sites has intrigued some European legal experts. A prominent Parisian lawyer was quick to point out that the ruling will make it difficult for the French government to justify its existing stance on international online casino sites marketing their services to French residents. Other industry analysts have commented that technology has brought down borders and globalized gambling services. Many are in favour of the European Union regulating the online gambling industry to create consistencies throughout its 25 member states.

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