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Germany Court Address Sport Betting Regulation

New developments regarding online casino sports gambling legislation are taking place in Germany when Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court declared that the monopoly over sports gambling in Germany is unconstitutional. Currently the “Oddset” company is Germany’s key player in sports gambling. The court addressed the issue of addiction, and stated that the company is not doing enough to control, or even to evaluate, the problem, and therefore its actions are unconstitutional. Online casino gambling in Germany might be affected by the court’s ruling, as there are two options for this legal mass to sort out.

The first option is for Oddset to present a sound program against gambling addiction. This option is considered less likely to happen, because there are no real means to address the addiction problem, and there is definitely no sound way to enforce them. Online casino analysts in Germany believe that the second option is more likely to happen. If Oddset is not able to make the court’s decision, then new regulation to liberalize sports betting will be made. With growing public demands for professional ran sports betting houses the second option seems more reasonable. In that case, an online casino discussion might become relevant as well.

Either way, the legal battle in Germany over sports betting, casino gambling, and online casino sites is going to be a long one. Even if online casino and sport betting receive new regulation in Germany, the law has to parallel its European Union counterpart. The European Law has the final word so even if gambling becomes liberal in Germany; Europe still looks at it in a very conservative way.

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