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Lubar Sues Playtech over Online Casino Software Patent

The Australian company, LUBAR, and its CEO have filed a major lawsuit against one of the world’s leading online casino software suppliers, Playtech. Lubar is claiming that Playtech is using some of the company’s patents in its leading online casino software. The company demands all online casino sites using Playtech software to be shutdown until Playtech’s online casino software is removed from them. Playtech’s software is featuring in many of the most popular online casinos. If indeed there will be restrictions on the use of the Playtech software, many of our favorite sites will have to switch to a different software provider, and we could experience difficulties gambling online.

Lubar is claming that the online casino software’s management system used by Playtech is a registered patent owned by their company. Playtech’s software enables online casino sites to operate a live casino with remote controlling. Playtech is selling concession agreements to online casino sites that wish to use their software, and makes a fortune doing so. Playtech has recently issued an IPO of $460 million, and Lubar wants in. Lubar is also demanding percentage of Playtech’s online casino deals in the past few years, arguing that without their patent Playtech’s online casino software would not have been this successful.

As in any major industry there is always rivalry and competition between the key players. Lawsuits are filed, rejected or approved, and it’s all part of the capitalistic economic freedom. With this Playtech lawsuit things will probably be the same, although we, as online casino players, might be directly affected by the legal action taken by Lubar. An online casino forced to switch it’s Affiliate program will need time to rearrange and reconstruct, causing the site’s customers, mainly us, grave inconvenience.

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