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Japan’s Online Casinos Policy

A campaign to legalize both land based casinos and online casino sites in Japan is underway by the country’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). A subcommittee operating under the Japanese government’s committee on tourism has recommended that the legalization of gambling at online casino sites would boost the Japanese economy and land based casinos would bring more foreign tourists to Japan. Taxation from online casino sites would also provide a healthy source of revenue for the government.

The subcommittee has been tasked with providing an interim report by April, in which its members will outline potential legal requirements. A full interpretation of gambling is also necessary to encompass gaming at online casinos and at live gaming venues. The committee will hold discussions on online casino sites with the National Police Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, along with other relevant government departments. Several operators of online casino web pages have expressed interest in the potential legislation, and political developments are bound to be closely watched by the entire gaming industry.

However, while some groups are welcoming the legalization of gambling in Japan, several others are opposed to online casino sites, which they say could negatively influence the country’s youth. Fears that underage gambling at online casino sites could become rife in Japan, along with higher rates of gambling addiction, have prompted protests from social groups. The government has advised that all opinions and concerns will be taken into consideration before any decision on the future of gambling is made.

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