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888 Online Casino Head Says Leach Bill Will Fail

Anderson, head of 888 online casino tells reporters that he is confident American ban on online casino sites will fail. At a recent press conference, head of 888 online casino group, John Anderson, told reporters that he is confident that current plans by US politicians to ban online casino gambling will fail. Answering questions posed to him by Reuters News Agency, Anderson said that the Leach Bill which is aiming to set in motion a total ban on online casino sites and gambling, was doomed from the start.

Shares in online casino groups were reacting a bit more suspiciously to the developments of the bill and some shares dropped a full five percent last week. Anderson said that even though the bill passed the first minor stage, that it would not pass the subsequent stages and that everything would be fine. The decline in shares came just as 888 online casino group announced a 16 percent increase in annual profits and a slight reduction in its U.S. exposure. Anderson said that with about 8.5 million regular online casino players in the United States, it will be difficult for the bill to get public backing.

By making it illegal to accept online casino payments from people who live ‘illegal gambling zones’ the legislation would affect offshore online casino sites used by many Americans to place bets. The bill now moves to the House floor for its second consideration and the entire online casino industry is waiting with bated breath for its outcome.

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