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Online Casino Gambling Code of Practice

In a new code of practice presented by the British Gambling Commission, online casino operators will be more accountable for the gambling practices on their websites. The code of practice demands that online casino operators keep tabs on problem gamblers and that they inform players how much time and money they have spent on the site. These new rules are part of the total reformation of the online gambling industry, under the Gambling Act, which will go into affect in September 2007.

The Gambling Act, which is part of Britain’s plan to totally regulate the online casino industry, is aimed to protect children from being exposed to online casinos. One of the main clauses of the code of practice requires that gambling operators must have published policies about procedures to promote socially responsible gambling. The code also demands that responsible gambling guidelines and help information about problem gambling must be easily displayed on the website whenever a player begins to gamble.

Operators will also be required to exclude players that show obvious signs of problem gambling. Operators must also train their staff to identify problem gambling practices and know how to deal and offer help if they are exposed to the issue. Underage gambling must be thoroughly blocked and strict rules must be in place in order to enforce this. All relevant information about house rules, odds, minimum and maximum payouts etc must be clearly displayed for the player.

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