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Online Casino Fights Legal Fraud

Online casino Bet Fair has recently strengthened its defenses against the increased number of fraudulent attacks the site experiences on a daily basis. The online casino firm’s information services director has spoken out against the number of opportunists looking for “get rich” schemes on the internet, and has stated that the number of attempts at hacking and distributing denial of service requests have risen substantially in recent months. However John Devine also states that his online casino uses the best technology and the most skilled security specialists to ensure customers are not affected by internet criminals.

Among the tactics adopted by the online casino firm is the implementation of multiple vulnerability management monitoring systems, which assess threats and carry out regular health tests to ensure the company’s defenses are secure. The online casino firm relied heavily on these systems during the final of the U.S. Super Bowl this year, when multiple attempts at hacking into its website were detected. Another of the biggest threats the online casino firm faces is the increased number of distributed denial of service attacks, where internet criminals use infected computers to access websites and control them for blackmail.

However as the online casino industry has become more aware of the dangers presented by internet criminals, they have embarked upon joint efforts in trying to combat them. As a result, the Internet DDoS Forum was formed in 2004 by a number of online casino firms in order to share information on criminals’ tactics and to decide on steps to take to prevent attacks. Security is also a key part of online gaming strategy with many firms complying strictly with regulations set out by the United Kingdom’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

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