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UK’s Online Casino Organization Attacks Italian Policy

Italy’s forced blocking of 684 online casino sites by its local ISPs is causing more waves in the international online casino industry. The Remote Gaming Association (RGA) in the United Kingdom, an established and respected organization has attacked the Italian government’s actions, saying that they are a clear violation of Italian and European law. At a press conference, the organization said that the Italian laws were passed against the online casino sites without due process and that the European Commission did not have time to debate the law before it was implemented on February 24th.

A spokesperson for one online casino group said that the organization is currently considering what legal action can and should be taken in order to protect the international online casino industry’s rights. The organization wants to ensure that Italians have the continued rights to benefit from online casino competition on an international level, and not be forced into accepting the illegal decrees of the Italian government.

The organization believes that it is the Italian consumer that will pay the price for this law which affects the online casino industry with Italy. They said that the law to block these online casino sites was ludicrous because all the online casino sites which fall under the RGA’s auspices follow strict guidelines, are regulated and are aware of social responsibility. They claim that there is no legitimate reason for the implementation of this law.

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