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Online Casino Boss Calls for Legalization

John Carruthers, the CEO of a popular sports betting site, has spoken out recently against the proposal to ban online casino sites currently championed by Arizona Senator John Shadegg. In a written article, the online casino chief argues that what the industry really needs is legalization and regulation, citing legislation adopted by the United Kingdom as the way forward. Carruthers referred to the bill as ‘another example of wasted efforts to prohibit the online casinos industry rather than regulate it.’

Instead Carruthers urged the government to legalize and regulate online casino sites in order to address under-age gambling and gambling addiction. Carruthers stated that regulation will create and uphold enforceable standards of practice for more than 2000 operators of online casino sites. He also stated that regulation would improve business practice in general, and make online casinos more accessible to partners and customers.

Carruthers pointed out that the U.S. need look no further than the United Kingdom to provide a role model on how to address the phenomenon of gambling at online casino sites. The United Kingdom’s Gambling Act 2005 has paved the way for the establishment of the Gambling Commission, a government body responsible for regulating and licensing online casino sites. The Commission also works to address issues such as gambling addiction, criminal activity, and customer complaints.

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