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Online Casino Gambling Legal Issues

The law regarding online casino gambling is way behind the pace that the technology is being developed- the law is not keeping up with the developments of issues relating to online casino gambling around the world. The question of whether gambling at an online casino is legal cannot be answered in one clear yes or no. It depends on whether you live in an area that has totally outlawed online casinos gambling, whether the server is located off-shore and whether you are at all of the legal age to gamble.

Different countries have different legal issues surrounding online casino gambling. Australia, for example, is one of the few countries that have actually enacted legislation designed specifically for online casino gambling. In June 2000 the Interactive Gambling Bill was implemented and it became illegal for online casino sites based outside of Australia to offer their services to Australian residents. It should be noted that the law is focused on the providers and not on the players.

The United States is currently in a legal/political battle regarding online casino gaming sites. Two senators are trying to push forward a bill to totally ban any online casino gambling, both off-shores sites and local sites. The law goes against the WTO recommendations to ease up on off-shore sites, but the battle still continues and the results are yet unknown.

OCA News Editor